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Level Five - Flipped Learning

Level Five - Flipped Learning

Author: Susan Ross
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Flipped Classroom Explained

You've heard the terms flipped classroom or blended learning and might be wondering just what they mean. As you learn more and more about these trends you probably have several questions: How do I do this? What will it look like? What will students do in class? How will I create learning experiences for students outside of class? What have other teachers done? These websites will help you understand the trend.


Todd Nesloney is a fifth grade teacher, author, and educational speaker who has successfully flipped his classroom. He shares his insights and tips in his webinars. Watch one of Todd Neslony’s one hour webinars on the website below to learn how he uses the Flipped Classroom technique.
Flipped Classroom Webinars 

React to this webinar on your blog.

  • What is one tip you got from Todd?
  • What is one question you have for Todd?
  • After watching this webinar, are you more inclined to try to flip your classroom? Why or Why nor?

Submitting Your Assignment in Edmodo

To receive credit for the assignment, you must post a note in your Edmodo Assignment to let me know you have completed your blog post reflection of the webinar you watched.