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Level Four - Google Hangout

Level Four - Google Hangout

Author: Susan Ross
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Group 1 - Jessica Bartley, Ernest Harper, Robert Spaeth, Cassandra Rehm

Group 2 - Philip Bidlack , Michelle Levine, Caitlin Foley, Nicole Vancil

Group 3 - Kimberly Dascher, Brittney Lyon, Alyssa Formisano, Noelle Walker

Group 4 - Gabrielle Coco, Allison Mitchell, Steven Kenney, James Wood

Group 5 - Amanda Gabriel, Lauree Klein, Brianne Mitchell, Maddison Halliday, Kristen Somers

Group 6 - Brittany Hennessy, Ryan Richardson, Sara Knight, Kaitlyn Polcini, Megan Lavery, 


  1. Choose one person in your group to start the Hangout on Air and have them invite all members of the group. This person will serve as the moderator for the discussion and encourage all to participate.
  2. All members must participate in the Hangout
  3. Use these questions below to facilitate your discussion:
  • Which of these key technologies will be most important to teaching, learning, or creative inquiry in K-12 education within the next five years?
  • Are there any key technologies that you think should be added to the list? and why?
  • What trends do you predict will have the biggest impact on K-12 teaching, learning, and creative inquiry?
  • What do you see as the key challenges related to teaching, learning, or creative inquiry that K-12 education will face during the next 5 years?

The Hangout on Air will be published as a YouTube video on the Moderator’s YouTube Account. The moderator must provide all members of the group with the link to their video of their hangout.

Hangout Video

Watch this video to help you with your Hangout on Air.

Source: Created by Prof Ross

Submitting Your Assignment in Edmodo

To receive credit for this assignment, you must provide the link to your group's Hangout on Air in this assignment in Edmodo.