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Level Four - Teaching Tips Presentation

Level Four - Teaching Tips Presentation

Author: Susan Ross
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Choose a partner of your choice. You and your partner will collaborate to create a Google Slide presentation that highlights 10 important tips for new teachers. When you have completed your presentation, publish your presentation to the web so that you are given a link to share.

Details That Must Be Included

Your slide presentation must include the following 12 slides:

  • A title Slide with Presentation title and both partner names.
  • A slide with a video introduction (Use your cell phone to create the video with your partner and upload it to YouTube. Insert it on your slide)
  • Ten Slides of tips with text with a visual component on each slide. Be as creative as possible.


Submitting Your Assignment in Edmodo

To receive credit for this assignment, you must post the link to your published presentation in this assignment on Edmodo.