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Level One - Word Clouds

Level One - Word Clouds

Author: Susan Ross
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Word Cloud Introduction

A Sample Word Cloud


Source: My Wordle created by Susan Ross


First, You will need to go to

Next add text to create your word cloud. Use 10-20 words or phrases (e.g. Loving, likes~to~read) Then repeat at least three of the most important ones

When you are finished you will need to save your word cloud as an image.
- Click the Control and Print Screen keys at the same time to take a screenshot that is copied to your computer’s clip board
- Open  the Paint program on your computer and select Paste to paste the content of your clipboard. Edit in Paint to remove what you do not need.
- Name the file with your last name and Wordle and save as a JPEG on your computer.


How to Use Wordle

Source: created by Prof Ross

Submitting Your Assignment

Finally, log in to your Edmodo account and look for the word cloud assignment. Attach your word cloud to the assignment.