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Level Seven - Creative Commons Research Notes

Level Seven - Creative Commons Research Notes

Author: Susan Ross
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Create a Google Doc of notes showing what you have learned after your research on Creative Commons. You will use the links below to help with your research. Be sure your notes are extremely detailed and well done so that you earn as many points as you can.  Set the sharing settings of your document so that anyone with the link can view.

Web Links

Use the links below to learn about the importance of Creative Commons and the range of Creative Commons licenses. Exploring these websites will familiarize you with the range of Creative Commons licenses, which grant permission to the world to use creative work in specific ways and will get you started on the road to CC savvy.

About Creative Commons

Spectrum of Rights - 4 pages of comics to explore possibilities of using CC Licenses. Click under the last comic to move to the next page.

The Licenses

Sharing Creative Works

Introducing the Creative Commons

A Shared Culture

Copyright and Creative Commons Explained by Common Craft

Citing Creative Commons Content

The Creative Commons Search Tool

ImageCodr - generates properly formatted Creative Commons attributions for images that you find on Flickr.

Submitting Your Assignment in Edmodo

Add the link to your completed work to the proper assignment in Edmodo. You will not receive credit unless you submit your assignment in Edmodo