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Level Six - Class Prezi Project

Level Six - Class Prezi Project

Author: Susan Ross
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Class Prezi Project - Create a Prezi that you could use in your classroom for a lesson with your students. The Prezi project Items in red below must be in your Prezi, items in black are optional.

  • Essential question for lesson - Objective written as a question that students can understand
  • Standards (ISTE or Technology or subject)
  • Show the Big Picture - Show the whole Prezi before zooming around on your Prezi path.
  • Include a Surprise Effect - zoom in to something you don't see
  • Use Fade in Animation
  • Opportunity for Activity with reflection or discussion - add text that allows students to reflect on the presentation by requiring higher level thinking or writing to summarize. Read more about this here.
  • Text - for information, questioning, problems
  • Images and/or video
  • Links
  • PPT slides
  • PDF files
  • Narration

Submitting Your Assignment in Edmodo

To receive credit for your assignment you must publish your Prezi and then provide the link to your Prezi Project in your Edmodo assignment submission.