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Level Three - Content Curation and Sharing

Level Three - Content Curation and Sharing

Author: Susan Ross
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Articles to Read

Read these articles to better understand content curation.

What Does it Mean to Curate?

Collection or Curation?

Understanding Content Curation


Choose a unit of study. For Example: Egyptians, Fractions, Simple Machines, etc

Then use Pinterest, Live Binders, Symbaloo or  Flip Board, Lesson Paths, to curate and share at least 10 important  items of content for a unit of study. Use the websites from each group’s class reseach. These websites are listed below.

Content Curation Help Websites

Source: Websites created by students in INTC 2610

Submitting Your Assignment in Edmodo

To receive credit for this assignment, you must post the link to your work in this assignment on Edmodo.

In symbaloo you have to publish your work before you can share the link. Symbaloo publishing your link