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Level Three - Jing Activity

Level Three - Jing Activity

Author: Susan Ross
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Inportant Information

Jing is a FREE, screencasting program that allows you to take a picture or video of your computer screen. You will need to download the program to your computer to use it at home.


Your task is to use Jing to create a Video for your students. Limit of 5 minutes.


Ideas for your Jing Video

Record lectures or announcements, provide audio/video feedback to students or introduce assignments
Enhance Presentations – Use Jing to narrate and record PowerPoint slides or a Prezi.
How To - Jing is a perfect tool for explaining assignments and demonstrating “how to…” do almost anything.
Explore Content Related Websites - use Jing to create a virtual tour of content related websites pointing out where to find the information students need to know.
How to use an online tool - example


Use Jing to create a video tutorial for your students that you might use with your class.

Video Tutorial: You will save your video as a swf file on your computer. This video is what you will upload when you submit your assignment in Edmodo.

Submitting Your Assignment in Edmodo

To receive credit for this assignment, you must attach your video to the Jing Assignment in Edmodo.