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Level Three - Twitter Activity

Level Three - Twitter Activity

Author: Susan Ross
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Important Information

Twitter is really a great way to connect online and build relationships. Teachers use twitter to communicate and share ideas. You must use the hashtag #rossINTC2610 for all your tweets in this activity.


Twitter Tutorials

Need help using Twitter? These Twitter Tutorials will help.

Top 7 Twitter Tutorials on YouTube


Follow 5 educators who are not in our class, follow each of your classmates and follow your professor. Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter



Explore this Pinterest Board about Twitter and tweet one link you thought is helpful and why.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #rossINTC2610




Choose any do 8 of the following. Be sure to tweet with the hashtag #rossINTC2610

  1. Share a personal thought about educational technology.
  2. Share an inspirational quote related to technology..
  3. Tweet a link to an article or blog post about educational technology.
  4. Tweet a link to a web site about an online technology tool that has not been discussed in class.
  5. Retweet a tweet from someone you follow.(must have educational relevance)
  6. Tweet a picture of you.
  7. Tweet a link to an educational video from youtube
  8. Tweet your favorite class activity so far
  9. Tweet a thought provoking question related to something from class
  10. Tweet a response to a question.
  11. Tweet a good Pinterest board relating to education.
  12. Tweet an interesting educational statistic.
  13. Tweet an idea or tip for using ipads
  14. Reply to a person in class using @


Submitting Your Assignment

To receive credit for this assignment, you must post a note in your Edmodo Assignment to let me know you have completed all the Twitter activities.