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Levels of Organization

Levels of Organization

Author: Nathan Lampson
This lesson will present the levels of organization of living things.
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Organisms and components of organisms are seperated into levels of organization so that they can be referenced.  For example, a group of squirrels living in an area together can be called a population of squirrels.  Likewise, all of the organisms that interact with one another in and around a lake can be called a biological community.


all ecosystems on earth


a biological community and all of its non-living surroundings

Example: All of the organisms in Eastern South Dakota as well as the non-living things surrounding them like shade, air temperature, and rainfall.


populations of organisms that coexist in an area

Example: All of the organisms in Eastern South Dakota.


group of one type of organism living in an area together

Example: All of the pheasants living in Eastern South Dakota.


individual living thing

Example: One pheasant.

Organ System

groups of cells that share a specialized function

Example: The circulatory system of a pheasant.


smallest functional unit of life