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Lewis and Clark: Preparing for the Trip, Part 1

Lewis and Clark: Preparing for the Trip, Part 1

Author: Amanda Jessee

By the end of the lesson, you (the student) will be able to:

1.  Compare and contrast Robert McCracken Peck with the type of men Thomas Jefferson sent out on the Corps of Discovery.

Using the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial website (, students will be assigned to one of five groups.  Each group will study a different facet of Lewis and Clark's journey as the leaders of the Corps of Discovery.

You have been assigned to the Preparations for the Trip expert group.  Throughout this study, you will focus in on what Lewis and Clark needed to accomplish before they headed out west.

  1. Go to: and click on Preparing for the Trip, Elementary and Middle School, grades 4-8.  Bookmark this site once you get there as a favorite; you will be using it during this project.
  2. Click on and read Connections to Today.  How might Robert McCracken Peck be similar to and different from (compare and contrast) the men that President Jefferson sent out?  Using specific information from your reading to back up your argument, record your responses in your WRP/Q (Watch...Respond...Predict or form a Question) journal, then jot down one question you have that you will share with your group tomorrow.
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Lewis and Clark, Preparation for the Journey, Part 1

Visit .  Read the article about Robert McCracken Peck.  In your WRP/Q (Watch, Respond, Predict/Question) Journal, respond to the article by comparing (listing similarities) and contrasting (listing differences) Mr. Peck with the type of men you predict President Jefferson would assign to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Territory.  Be prepared to discuss with your group what you come up with!! 

Once you have completed your WRQ/P journal, take the quiz to the right about the article you read.  Feel free to go back to the article in a new tab (copy and paste the above address to the address bar on a new tab) to locate answers.  You must get three answers correct.  Good luck!