Lewis and Clark: Preparing for the Trip, Part 3 (multiple days)

Lewis and Clark: Preparing for the Trip, Part 3 (multiple days)

Author: Amanda Jessee

By the end of this lesson, you (the student) will be able to:

  • Discuss in your expert group the differences and similarities between the Arrowsmith map from 1803 and a modern map of North America, and come up with a list of possible reasons why any changes were made.

As part of an ongoing unit studying how Lewis and Clark prepared for the Corps of Expedition journey, students will look at a map created in Lewis and Clark's time and theorize as to why and how maps today are similar or different.  During class time, students will then use maps to estimate the distance of Lewis and Clark's journey, and create a list of items they think might have been needed for such a trip.

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Lesson 1: How Do You Plan? (part 3)

Copy and paste http://www.lewisandclarkexhibit.org/shared/viewer1/viewer_flash.html?LOC_arrowsmith_map in a new tab on your internet browser.  Once there, use the sizer (smaller to larger) to enlarge the map so you can see individual features.  Please also click on the "Learn More" tab and read the information provided.  In your WSP/Q journal, summarize how this map might have been helpful to the expedition, and prepare a list of ways in which the Arrowsmith map was different from and similar to modern maps of the United States.