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Lewis and Clark: Preparing for the Trip, part 5 (multiple days)

Lewis and Clark: Preparing for the Trip, part 5 (multiple days)

Author: Amanda Jessee

After going through part 5 of this tutorial, you (the student) should be able to:

  • Name and describe the purpose of the men with whom Lewis met while in Philadelphia
  • Describe ways in which each man better prepared Lewis for his journey.

You will read through 2 assigned letters (primary sources) and their accompanying biographies (secondary sources) to better understand what Jefferson wanted Lewis to learn before he began his expedition.  When you meet with your group in school, you and someone else who read the same letter will work together to create a graphic organizer listing information you've learned about the subject of each of your letters.  You will be expected to share this with the rest of your group, and take notes over any gentlemen whose letters you did NOT read.


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President Jefferson to Benjamin Rush

During class, you should have chosen 2 of the following men on whom you will be focusing:
* Andrew Ellicott,
* Benjamin Smith Barton,
* Robert Patterson, or
* Benjamin Rush

In your WRP/Q Journal, please define the words listed before the body of the letter that was either written to or by them. Feel free to write a synonym above each word in the actual text to help you understand it better as you read. Read the letters (below) associated with both of your assigned men, as well as their biographies (located in your WRP/Q Journal). Be prepared to discuss why you think Jefferson sent Lewis to these particular men, as well as background information about each one with your group tomorrow.


President Jefferson to Robert Patterson


President Jefferson to Benjamin Smith Barton


Andrew Ellicott to President Jefferson