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Lewis Dot Diagram of an Element

Lewis Dot Diagram of an Element

Author: DoughNut Master

1) How to determine the number of dots in a Lewis dot diagram for the representative elements.
2) How to correctly place the dots around an element’s chemical symbol.
3) How to identify an element’s valence electrons as being paired or unpaired.

This packet introduces the student to how to correctly produce Lewis dot diagrams for the representative elements.

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New Vocabulary

Lewis Dot Diagram: A type of diagram found in chemistry that uses an arrangement of dots around an element's chemical symbol to show the number and bonding of the element's valence electrons.

Unpaired Electron: A solitary electron that is represented on a Lewis Dot Diagram as a single dot on one side of a chemical symbol. 

Electron Pair: Two electrons that are represented on a Lewis Dot Diagram as two dots one side of a chemical symbol. 

Lewis Dot Diagramming - Representative Elements

Lewis Dot Diagramming - How to Place the Dots