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Lewis Dot Structure of Simple Molecules

Lewis Dot Structure of Simple Molecules

Author: Christine Glieden

To learn how to draw a Lewis dot structure for simple molecules.

Bonding pair: "Two electrons forming a covalent bond between two atoms, usually with one electron of the pair coming from one atom and the other electron coming from the other atom." page G-3

Lone pair: "Two valence electrons that usually are not used for sharing with another atom in a covalent bond." page G-9

Picture:, July 21st, 2010

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Lewis Dot Structure: The Basics of How to Construct Molecules

This video explains how to construct a Lewis Dot Structure. There are examples such as: H2, Cl2, H2O, and CH4.

Lewis Dot Structure: Examples, Examples and More Examples

This video has more and more examples for basic lewis dot structures. No double bonds yet, just single bonding pairs and lone pairs.
Examples include: NF3, NH3, NH4+, BCl3, N2H4, and C3H8, so if you see a specific example you need, just fast forward to it!