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Lewis Dot Structures Notes (Capter 7 Section 1)

Lewis Dot Structures Notes (Capter 7 Section 1)

Author: Tamara Ellsworth
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Chapter 7: Section 1 Screencast

Learn how to construct Lewis-Dot-Structures for elements and molecules and determine the shape of the molecule. Download the Power Point from above or use this screencast with your notes sheets given during class. Follow along and write down any questions you may have. We will review any questions or comments during the next class.

Chapter 7 Section 1--Lewis Dot Structures

Lewis Dot Structures help explain how the atoms bond (covalent bonds) and how many atoms can bond, plus the shape of the molecule. First, master the Lewis Dot Structure by taking these notes. You can use these notes or the Notes sheet provided and follow along with the screencast provided.