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Lewis Dot Symbols for Atoms and Simple Covalent Molecules

Lewis Dot Symbols for Atoms and Simple Covalent Molecules

Author: Angela Nichols

Understand Lewis dot symbols as a representation of atoms and simple covalent molecules.

This packet contains a video, steps on how to draw the Lewis dot symbols of a simple covalent molecules, and a periodic table showing valence electrons.

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Lewis Dot Symbols

How to Draw the Lewis Dot Symbol of a Simple Covalent Molecule

1) Draw the Lewis dot symbols for each atom

2) Determine how many more electrons each atom needs to make an octet (or pair in the case of Hydrogen)

3) Decide which atoms are likely to be in the center, and which atoms are likely to be on the periphery of the molecule.  Center atoms are usually those with fewer valence electrons.  While, periphery atoms are those that only need one or two more electrons.

4) Make your best guess for how to arrange the atoms so that everyone is happily sharing their electrons.

5) Check you guess by drawing overlapping circles around each atom encompassing all eight electrons (or two in the case of Hydrogen).

6) Rewrite your solution without the circles, replacing each bonding pair of electrons with a line.  These will be the electrons in overlapping circles.

Periodic Table of Valance Electrons

Independent Practice Solutions

Independent Practice Solutions

Independent Practice Solutions