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Liability and Prevention of Student to Student Harassment

Liability and Prevention of Student to Student Harassment



I can explain how the state’s harassment statute model connects to our school policy.
I can define harassment and know what it looks like.
I can explain the several different ways students harass students.
I can state the disciplinary actions the school will take against students who harass other students.
I can analyze the US Supreme court case Davis v. Monroe County Board Of Education—to determine how “deliberate indifference” helped the court to side with the Davis’.
I can learn how to limit my liability and the school’s liability of a harassment violation.
I can learn how schools and staff can help prevent student-to-student harassment.

Presentation for EDMA 632 Ethics and Law in Public Schools

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From the state of Minnesota our statutes guide schools in the requirements of harassment policies. This presentation follows the State of Minnesota and the Parkers Prairie Public Schools harassment policies.

Source: www.isd547, The office of the Revisor of Statutes, Davis vs. Monroe County Board of Education

Liability and Prevention of Student to Student Harassment

Screen Recording of the slide show posted in the same tutorial. References are printed at the end of the notes sheets (text) portion of this tutorial.

Source: Same as Slide Slide show and notes

Liability and Prevention of Student to Student Harassment --My Notes

My notes while researching


Source: all on resource page of notes --APA format