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Author: Michael Santee
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How to Reserve a Book

Q : What can I do if the book I want is checked out or not in our library?

A: You can reserve the book by filling out the paper form available at both OPAC computers in the library, at the circulation, and online through google forms coming soon.

Step 1 Filling Out the Form

Enter the Information on the Form using your best handwriting

i) Your First & Last Name

ii) Your Student Id Number

iii) Book Title

iv) Author

v) Barcode ( CAJ _______________)

Q: You filled out the reserve form in your best handwriting where does it go?

A: Turn in your form to the circulation desk. The Librarian, Aide, or Assistant will enter your reserve in to our library system

Q: Can I reserve from just the middle school collection?

A: You may reserve books from the High School, Elementary, Primary, and at times through inner library loan from cooperating schools.


Q: How will I be notified that the book has arrived to be checked out?

A: The book reserve form will be put in your advisory teachers mailbox when the book has arrived. You will bring your form to the desk to check out.