Life Cycle of A Plant

Life Cycle of A Plant

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What to do?

- Step 1: Review both YouTube videos at the bottom.

- Step 2: Go to the website provided for more information about plants.

-Step 3: Try to answer the big question.

*Big Question: What is the life cycle of a plant?

- Step 4: Take quiz.

*You will be creating a diagram of a plant life cycle along with pictures.

YouTube Videos...


2nd Grade

Life Sciences

2. Different types of plants and animals inhabit the earth. As a basis for understanding this concept:

a. Students know how to observe and describe similarities and differences in the appearance and behavior of plants and animals (e.g., seed-bearing plants, birds, fish, insects).

b. Students know stories sometimes give plants and animals attributes they do not really have.

c. Students know how to identify major structures of common plants and animals (e.g., stems, leaves, roots, arms, wings, legs).