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Life Cycle of Plants

Life Cycle of Plants

Author: Mary Timothy

LS1.B:  Growth and Development of Organisms
Reproduction is essential to the continued existence of every kind of organism. Plants and animals have unique and diverse life cycles. (3-LS1-1)

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A Seed is planted in the soil
A Sprout comes out of the soil
Vines begin to grow low to the ground
Flowers begin to bloom off of the vine
A small green pumpkin begins to grow 
The adult pumpkin grows and matures

Watch and listen to this video to learn more about the pumpkin's life cycle. We will discuss more vocabulary later!

More plant cycle vocabulary!

All plants follow a similar life cycle as the pumpkin. Here's some important vocabulary to help you watch the next video.

Germination-the process by which a plant grows from a seed. The most common example of germination is the sprouting of a seedling from a seed.

Pollination- Insects take pollen from flowering plants to the same kind of plant. The pollen fertilizes egg cells and produces seeds.  

Maturity-the pumpkins should reach maturity at around 100 days depending on size. You'll know the pumpkins are mature when the vines begin to wither and die and the shell turns a deep, solid orange.

Click here to watch the typical plant cycle.  This is an overview of how all plants grow, not just the pumpkin!

Compare and Contrast!

Can you see how sunflowers and pumpkins grow in a similar way?  Are there any differences?

Watch this quick video about the life cycle of a sunflower and see for

Big Idea Question!

Follow the link to the big idea question and answer in complete sentences.

Extra Fun Activities!

If you have extra time, watch this pumpkin time lapse. It shows the pumpkin growing day by day!

Check out these websites for more fun facts about pumpkins and plants!