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Life Cycles using MyCreate

Life Cycles using MyCreate

Author: Abby Chase
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Life Cycles using iPad MyCreate

Get ready to make your own MyCreate video using still images!  Follow the directions below. 

1. Open up your MyCreate App

2. Click "Start a New Project"

3. Enter a project name and press "Create"

4. Start taking pictures on the blue frame, click on the camera icon to take an photo - Images may also be imported from your Camera Roll.  You just click on the circle with a + in the middle of it. By clicking on that symbol, you may also Import Songs or Add Blank Frames

5.  The pictures will display at the bottom in a timeline.  You can rearrange them by dragging.

6.  In order to increase the amount of time for each picture, click on the double rectangles.  Each time this icon is clicked, it will duplicate the image.  

7.  Once you are finished taking and adding pictures, you can add sound to your MyCreate.  If you want to import a song, click on the circle with a + inside of it.  You can also record audio by pressing the microphone icon on the right side of the screen. You press and hold the microphone to begin recording. 

8. You can view the MyCreate video by pressing play.  To adjust Frames Per Second - Click on the FPS toggle and adjust how many frames per second.  

9.  When your video is complete, you can export your video by clicking the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Choose to export video to Albums, YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.  Then, your MyCreate will be exported to where your chose. 




MyCreate Video Tutorial Example

Ms. Chase's MyCreate Butterfly Life Cycle