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Life is a Puzzling Thing: Preparing for Your Presentation #4

Life is a Puzzling Thing: Preparing for Your Presentation #4

Author: Janice Davis

By the end of these tutorials, each student will:

  • know how to finalize a Research Presentation.
  • understand what a high-quality oral presentation looks and sounds like.
  • carefully craft notes to use during the presentation without relying on them as a "read" during the speech.

This video will give you some very helpful tips on how to rehearse for your presentation.  Also, pay attention for the key skills you must have to make sure you are meeting the public speaking goals:  eye contact, talk to the audience instead of reading your notes, strong voice that isn't too fast

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Preparing for Your Presentation #4

Watch carefully as Tim & Moby teach you the proper techniques for giving a public presentation. Pay close attention to their comments on eye contact, voice, and speaking to your audience. Then, take note of how each of these things will be graded when you give your final presentation in class next week.