Life is a Puzzling Thing: Preparing for Your Presentation #3

Life is a Puzzling Thing: Preparing for Your Presentation #3

Author: Janice Davis

By the end of these tutorials, each student will:

  • know how to finalize a Research Presentation.
  • understand what a high-quality oral presentation looks and sounds like.
  • carefully craft notes to use during the presentation without relying on them as a "read" during the speech.

In Part 3 of this series you will see how Mrs. Davis' third piece of evidence fits with the whole slide show and claim.  Then, you'll practice ways to wrap up the project with a great summary quote. 

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Preparing for Your Presentation #3

In this video, you will see how Mrs. Davis put her third piece of evidence together, including a preview of how to make your slides look like they are "animated." Then, you will see how to pull everything together with a summary quote and revisiting of your key pieces of evidence.