Life Science Content Standard B

Life Science Content Standard B

Author: Sarah Thompson
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Introduction to Psychology

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Assignment 6 Links

Below are the links for Assignment 6:

Section 1:

Chapter 3.2 Cell Structures

Assignment 6 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:
L.12.B.1 Students know cell structures and their functions.

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Assignment 7 Links

Assignment 7 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:
L.12.B.2 Students know the human body has a specialized anatomy and physiology composed of a hierarchical arrangement of differentiated cells.

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Assignment 7 Powerpoint

Assignment 8 Links

The below links are for assignment 8:

Section 1:
Viruses and Human disease reading


Section 2:

How the Flu Invades Your Body

Section 3:

Practice Quiz



Assignment 8 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:
L.12.B.3 Students know disease disrupts the equilibrium that exists in a healthy organism.

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