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Life Science Content Strand C

Life Science Content Strand C

Author: Sarah Thompson

A variety of ecosystems and communities exist on Earth. Ecosystems are dynamic interactions of organisms and their environment. Ecosystems have distinct characteristics and components that allow certain organisms to thrive. Change in one or more components can affect the entire ecosystem.

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Assignment 9 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:

L.12.C.1 Students know relationships of organisms and their physical environment.


Assignment 10 Links

The links for assignment 10 are located below:


Section 1:


Assignment 10 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:

L.12.C.4 Students know how changes in an ecosystem can affect biodiversity and biodiversity contribution to an ecosystem.


Assignment 11 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:

L.12.C.3 Students know the amount of living matter an environment can support is limited by the availability of matter, energy, and the ability of the ecosystem to recycle materials.


Assignment 11 Presentation

Assignment 12 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:

L.12.C.4 Students know the unique geologic, hydrologic, climatic, and biological characteristics of Nevada’s bioregions.


Assignment 12 Nevada Map

Use the following map of Nevada to complete assignment 12. If necessary, please ask me to print it out for you.