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Life Science Content Strand D

Life Science Content Strand D

Author: Sarah Thompson

Evidence suggests that living things change over periods of time. These changes can be attributed to genetic and/or environmental influences. This process of change over time is called biological evolution. The diversity of life on Earth is classified using objective characteristics. Scientific classification uses a hierarchy of groups and subgroups based on similarities that reflect evolutionary relationships.

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Assignment 13

Science Standard Addressed:
L.12.D.1 Students know organisms can be classified based on evolutionary relationships.


Assignment 14 Links

The links for assignment 14 are located below:

Section 1:


Assignment 14 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:
L.12.D.2 Students know similarity of DNA sequences gives evidence of relationships between organisms.


Assignment 15 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:
L.12.D.3 Students know the fossil record gives evidence for natural selection and its evolutionary consequences.


Assignment 16 Links

Asignment 16 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:
L.12.D.4 Students know the extinction of species can be a natural process.


Assignment 17 Links

Assignment 17 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:
L.12.D.5 Students know that biological evolution explains the diversity of life.


Assignment 18 Instructions

Science Standard Addressed:
L.12.D.6 Students know the concepts of natural and artificial selection.