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Life Science : Life Cycle of a Frog (2nd Grade)

Life Science : Life Cycle of a Frog (2nd Grade)

Author: Edith Castillo

›Life Science- Grade 2

2. Plants and animals have predictable life cycles. As a basis for understanding this concept:

›a. Students know that organisms reproduce offspring of their own kind and that the offspring resemble their parents and one another.

b. Students know the sequential stages of life cycles are different for different animals, such as butterflies, frogs, and mice.

c. Students know many characteristics of an organism are inherited from the parents.Some characteristics are caused or influenced by the environment.

d. Students know there is variation among individuals of one kind within a popula­tion.

e.Students know light, gravity, touch, or environmental stress can affect the germi­nation, growth, and development of plants.

f. Students know flowers and fruits are associated with reproduction in plants.

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In order to understand the material of the stated objective, please complete the following tasks:

1) Review the power point called Life Cycle of a Frog and the Worksheet. ( Print out the worksheet will be turning it in)

2) View " Froggy Froggy!" - Youtube Video

3) View " Learn All About a Frog Life Cycle" - Youtube Video

4) Go over the other websites I have provided:

-Frog Metamorphosis

-All About Frogs

5) Discuss the BIG Question with a partner or group and THEN write your response in your JOURNAL.

6) Complete the Quiz

Life Cycle of a Frog

Please review and ask any questions you might have. The following power point focuses in the four main stages of the life cycle of a frog.

Source: Work Cited page in the last page of Power Point

The Life Cycle of a Frog Worksheet

Complete this worksheet after going over the PowerPoint. This worksheet will prepare you for the quiz.


Source: "Frog Life-cycle Cut and Stick." (n.d.): n. pag. Sparkle Box. Sparkle Box Teacher Resources Limited. Web. 3 Oct. 2015.

Froggy Froggy!!

It is a fun video for those young students to learn about the different stages in a frog's life cycle.

Source: Harry Kindergarten Music. “Froggy, Froggy!( a Song for kids about the frog Life Cycle, etc..).” YouTube.Youtube, 7 May 2014. Web. 19 Sept. 2015.

Learning about Frogs

This video will go over the process of a frogs life. It would be used as a visual of the steps taken until the frog reaches adulthood.

Source: Turtle Diary. "Learn All about a Frog Life Cycle at" YouTube. N.p., 30 July 2012. Web. 3 Oct. 2015.

Extra Information About Frogs

Extra resources if you would like to learn more about the frogs life style.

Click Here: "All About Frogs"

Source: LLG, Maggie, and Phillip Martin. "All About Frogs for Kids." All About Frogs for Kids and Teachers. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Oct. 2015.

The Life Cycle of a Frog

If you are interested in learning more in detail about the life cycle of a frog. Click in the following link and it would explain more in detail the different stages of a frogs life cycle.

Click here: Frog Metamorphosis

Source: "Life Cycle." Tooter4 Kids. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Oct. 2015

BIG Question

After going over the notes and the videos. How many stages are there in a frog's Life cycle and their differences? What other facts did you learn about frogs?