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Life Styles Inventory (LSI) Assignment Guidelines
Developing a willingness and ability to engage in self-reflection is a critical leadership skill that is not easily learned, yet which reaps many rewards. The Life Styles Inventory enables you to examine your own unique way of thinking, and how it influences your behavior.
Your Assignment:
Complete (on your own) the Life Styles Inventory according to the procedure outlined here, so that you end up with your "Life Styles Circumplex" profile: 12 "personal thinking style" scores, with one score for each section of the circumplex. See the embedded link for additional information.
Write a three to five page paper examining and explaining your LSI results. Make sure to comply with the Grading Rubric provided. The required page count does not include the title page or table of contents.  Hint: The table of contents should include the four topics in the grading rubric.
Due Date: Place in the Dropbox by midnight on Sunday of Week 2.
LSI Style Interpretations: Go to the LSI1 Results page, find your circumplex profile, and click on the circumplex "slice" of one of the styles. The site will bring you to a customized interpretation of the style you clicked on. Click on each of the 12 "slices" to see all of the customized style description pages.
How to Use the Inventory
Click here to go to the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) exercise. Follow the instructions given on the LSI Website.

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