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Liferay Developer Online Training

Liferay Developer Online Training

Author: John Nash

LifeRay Portal Developer online training is fully designed keeping in mind IT professionals looking for Plugins Development, Extension Development along with portal and system administration.
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·         Introduction to Liferay's Plugins SDK

·         Installing Liferay Developer Studio

·         Setting Up the Space Program

·         Reviewing Liferay Concepts

Developing Portlet Plugins

·         Introduction to Java Standard Portlets

·         How Portlets Differ from Servlets

·         The Java Portlet Specification

·         The Portlet Lifecycle

·         Phases of the Portlet Lifecycle

·         Portlet Characteristics

·         Java Standard Portlet Exercise

·         Portlet Preferences

·         Inter-Portlet Communication

·         Methods of Inter-Portlet Communication

·         Public Render Parameters

·         Events

·         Portlets and Web Application Frameworks

Parts Inventory Portlet Application

·         Design Approach

·         Setting up the Data Model for Service Builder

·         Generating the Service and Persistence Layer

·         Leveraging the Liferay MVC Portlet Framework

·         Displaying Data using Liferay's Search Container

·         Localization, Feedback and Input Validation

·         Integrating Liferay Permissions

·         Adding Custom Portlets to the Control Panel

Theme and Layout Template Plugins

·         Liferay Theme Overview and Exercise

·         Liferay Layout Template Overview and Exercise

·         Advanced Theme, Layout Topics, and Best Practices

Hook Plugins

·         Adding a Post Login Action

·         Adding a Startup Action

·         Customizing Language Keys

·         Customizing Core Liferay JSPs

·         Adding Post-Processing to Liferay's Indexer

·         Extending Liferay's Services using Service Wrappers

·         Adding custom Servlet Filters

·         Overriding Core Struts Actions

Ext Plugins

·         Ext Plugin Overview

·         Customizing Portal Properties

·         Customizing Portlet Defaults

·         Best Practices

Advanced Topics

·         Using Liferay's Web Services

·         Spring in Liferay

·         Development Strategy