Line Chart

Line Chart

Author: Ryan Backman

This lesson will explain line charts.

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Notes on "Line Chart"


(0:00-1:18) Introduction to Context

(1:19-1:32) Definition of Line Chart

(1:33-1:52) Definition of Frequency Polygon

(1:53-3:01) Construction of Frequency Polygon

(3:02-3:20) Definition of Multiple Line Chart

(3:21-4:50) Example of Multiple Line Chart

  • Line Chart

    A distribution of quantitative data that shows the frequency of different intervals of data. The frequencies are indicated by heights of dots, which are connected to each other.

  • Frequency Polygon

    A distribution of data that shows both a histogram and its line chart on the same set of axes.

  • Multiple Line Charts

    A distribution that shows more than one data set's values in line charts. This is advantageous because it is clearer than trying to compare multiple histograms on the same set of axes.