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Linear 1 - Points forming a line (slope/equation)

Linear 1 - Points forming a line (slope/equation)

Author: Thomas Powell

After this tutorial you should be able to:

  • use slope to check if points form a line
  • Test ordered pairs in an equation to see if a point belongs to the line


Two points always form a line, but three can form a line or a triangle. We can test the slope between points to see if they are in a line. If we have the equation of the line, we can test the points in the equation to see whether or not it gives a true statement of equality.

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Linear 1A - Slope between points

Checking whether points form a line by testing the slope between them using (y2-y1)/(x2-x1)

Source: Video made by me

Linear 1B - Checking if a point is on a given line

The equation of a line is the rule that every point on the line has to satisfy. That means that if you replace the x, and y values of the point in to the x and y of the equation, it should give a true statement. If false, then the point is NOT on the line.

Source: Video made by me

Intro to Points on a line - Assignment

You need to do all of these problems after watching the videos


Source: powell, t, Loyola High School