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Linear Correlation

Linear Correlation

Author: Michael Morgan

There are many objectives to this packet. First and foremost, we have to define linear correlation. Once we have learned what it is, we will learn to demonstrate the range between perfect positive linear correlation and no linear correlation. Finally, we will learn how to use Excel to creat a scatter plot and evalute the coefficient of linear correlation.

Since you clicked on this packet, I assume you need help with linear correlation. Well, you've come to the right place. This packet will explore the world of linear correlations and help you build a solid foundation on the topic.

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Terms to Know

Linear Correlation- A relationship between the independent and dependent data, that whenever plotted forms a straight line

Independent Variable- The variable representing the value being manipulated or changed. Normally "x" is used as the independent variable

Dependent Variable- The variable that depends on the independent variable. The outcome of a function, Normally "y" is used as the dependent variable

Correlation- A statistical measurement between two variables.

Positive vs. Negative Correlation- Positive correlation means the plotted data has an upward trend from left to right. Negative correlation means the plotted data has a downward trend from left to right

Coefficient of linear correlation- Measures the strengh and the direction of a linear relationship between two variables. Ranges from -1 to 1.

Perfect Positive Correlation- Perfect positive correlation is the relationship between an independent and dependent variable falls in a perfectly straight line. The correlation coefficient is 1.

No Linear Correlation- No linear correlation means there is no relationship between the independent and dependent variable. The correlation coefficient is 0.

Correlation Coefficients

Using Excel to create a scatter plot and evaluate the coefficient of linear correlation

Finding the Correlation Coefficient

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