Linear Correlation

Linear Correlation

Author: Daniel Nelson

Define Linear Correlation
Demonstrate the range it operates in
Teach how to use Excel to make a scatterplot and find the coefficient of linear correlation

This packet includes a walkthrough on correlation and scatterplots, both what they are and how to create them on excel.

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Things to know

Linear correlation: how well a bivariate (two-variable) set of data relates in a straight line. In other words, if you were to plot the bivariate data on a scatter plot and then draw the best straight line that comes as close to as many points as possible, the correlation would tell you how well that line represents the real data.

(when i say best straight line, i mean the one that has the least distance between it and the actual data points on the graph, so if you reaaaaallly want to, you could calculate the distance from each point and multiple lines to see which is the best fitting. I just let my Excel do it for me.)

Watch the video before you view the slide show!

Linear Correlation

A video talking you through the idea of linear correlation

Making Scatter Plots

Screenshots of how to make a scatterplots in Excel. It might be a little different on a PC as this was done on a Mac, but the steps should be comparable

Some fun with correlation

Source: www.xkcd.com