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Linear Equations

Linear Equations

Author: Aaron Nunley

This lesson is designed to provide students with a clear explanation of how to work with linear equations.  I have a lot of students who are missing school due to illness currently and I am using this as an alternative means of instruction.  I will be adding to the lesson as time permits, and will be rearranging as I go.  Please pardon any gaps as my priority is to focus on topics currently being missed.


This lesson provides videos and notes for:

Finding the Equation of a Line

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Graphing Inequalities

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Point Slope Equation

This lesson develops the slope intercept equation from the slope formula and shows students how they can use it to find the equation of a line when given a slope and any point or when given two points.

Source: Original material

Applying the Point Slope Equation

This video provides 2 examples of how the point slope equation can be used to solve problems.

Source: Original material

Notes for Video on Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

These notes accompany the video on parallel and perpendicular lines.


Source: Original material

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

This video describes how to determine whether lines are parallel or perpendicular. It also shows how to find an equation that is parallel or perpendicular to a given line that passes through a particular point.

Source: Original material

Notes for Video on Graphing Inequalities

These notes accompany the video on Graphing Linear Inequalities


Source: Original material

Graphing Linear Inequalities

This video shows students how to graph a linear inequality including explanation of dotted v. solid lines, shading, and test points. It also has a quick review of graphing using slope-intercept form and graphing by intercepts.

Source: Original material