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Linear Equations in x - 8.4 - Lesson 3

Linear Equations in x - 8.4 - Lesson 3

Author: Todd Parks
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Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes

1. Students know that a linear equation is a statement of equality between two expressions. 

2. Students know that a linear equation in x  is actually a question:  Can you find all numbers x, if they exist, that satisfy a given equation?  Students know that those numbers x that satisfy a given equation are called solutions.

Lesson Questions / Review

- We know that equations are statements about equality.  That is, the expression on the left side of the equal sign is equal to the expression on the right side of the equal sign. 

- We know that a solution to a linear equation in x will be a number, and that when all instances of x are replaced with the number, the left side will equal the right side. 

Lesson Summary

Evaluate Equations Using Substitution

IXL - Sixth grade - P.7 Evaluate multi-variable expressions

Use the following practice to enhance what you have learned.

Printable Blank Student Copy of Lesson 3

Module 4 - Lesson 3


Instructions for Lesson 3

Module 4 - Lesson 3