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Lines and Motion

Lines and Motion

Author: Ali Jansen
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Today we will be talking about lines and motion and you will be watching a video that I have recorded for you. After school tomorrow, you will come back and do the next two pages on the glogster website. 

Day 2

Tomorrow, we will explore lines and motion in class. For tomorrow nights homework, you will click the link again and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red star. That will bring you to another glogster page. The directions are at the top of each page, just click the purple play button and listen. Once you have finished the page, click the red star and that will bring you to the next page.What you will be doing in this Glogster is watching videos showing you how to draw each line and how to make each type of motion. You will watch the videos and go to the next page.The last two pages are review for you to practice matching the lines to the name of the line and matching the motion to the name of the motion. Have fun!

Lines and Motion

Click this Link and it will bring you to the Glogster that you are to complete at home. Your first step is to watch the video that is embedded on the first page of the Glogster. All you have to do for the first nights homework is watch the video on the first page.