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List Style Comparison/Contrast Papers

List Style Comparison/Contrast Papers

Author: Emma Allen

We will introduce you to writing comparison/contrast essays using lists styles - which is just a method of organizing your thoughts. Once you've picked topics, then we will walk you through on the basics of your writing your paper and a few tips to remember while drafting your paper.

After reviewing this information, writing comparison/contrast essays should provide no challenge to you. If you are still scared of writing this type of essay, keep looking through the information offered and pratice, practice, practice!!!

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From the Beginning - Step-By-Step Demonstration of Writing a List Style Comparison/Contrast Essay

New Terms and Definitions - and some background knowledge...

New Terms

List Style Brainstorms - Using three lists to brainstorm differences and similarities between two subjects.

Block comparisons the method of listing the differences and similarities by subject (such as book/movie, spring/summer, etc.)

Point by point comparisons - the method of listing the differences and similarities by topics (such as different scenes, different temperatures, etc.)

 Background Knowledge

Terms/Concepts you should already know:

Writing process


Thesis Statements



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