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Literary Allusions: Clues to Meaning

Literary Allusions: Clues to Meaning


Students will recognize how allusions enhance meaning in literature.

Students will view a video explaining literary allusions, read a poem, and create a slide show to illustrate their grasp of the concept.

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LIterary Allusions

This video briefly describes what an allusion is and offers some examples.

Source: Vantage Learning

Allusions Worksheet

Answer these questions about allusions in literature, and then write an allusion of your own from one of the items listed.



"The Raven," by Edgar Allan Poe

In this macabre poem, Poe uses several allusions. As a writer who was very careful in his choice of images, we can be sure he chose his allusions carefully and purposefully. See if you can spot the allusions, and then see if you can find connections between the allusion and the text.



Allusions Presentation

Create a minimum of 6 slides to illustrate and explain 2 allusions in "The Raven" for presentation in class