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Assignment 3: Graded Weekly Assignment: Acme Corporation Case
For the final project, you will study the Acme Corporation case, and organize a trial notebook. A trial notebook is an outline that a trial attorney will follow during a trial. It contains case pleadings, motions, pre-trial orders, subpoenas, and copies of the deposition transcripts that will be used at the trial, copies of documentary evidence, trial briefs, and proposed jury instructions. Click here to download and review the Acme Corporation case. This week your entire trial notebook will be submitted along with the Request for Admissions you will be drafting.
In Week 4, [a] prepare the appropriate Request for Admissions by using the template for the Acme Corporation case. Click here to download and review the Request for Admissions template. Place the Request for Admissions into the completed trial notebook you are turning in this week.
[b] In addition, make sure that you include a memorandum to the legal assistant in the firm so that she can calendar a response date for the opposing party’s response to the Request for Admissions. Keep this memo separate from the trial notebook.
[c] Gather together all the documents you drafted for this final project in Weeks 1-4and put together your trial notebook. You should make corrections on the documents you created in prior weeks, pursuant to your instructor’s comments.  Include an index and a list of how and why items will be used during the trial.
Template is attached

On a separate page, cite all sources using the Bluebook format.
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document iconsuo_lgs4008_request__for_admissions_template.docx

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