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Live healthy

Live healthy

Author: sara c
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Eat healthy

Hello class!

Today we are going to be learning about how to make good choices to eat healthy. You'll view a video, power point and make a comparison. sounds fun, right?  Get ready!

La comida en colores

Review the slides "La comida en colores" and use that information to answer the next questions.


~~Classifies the foods according the color on the pyramid with the next characteristics.Remember the color yellow is not a food.

1. Color:

Categoria:                                                Cuanto cada dia:






2. Color:

Categoria:                                                  Cuanto cada dia:






3. Color:

Categoria:                                                 Cuanto cada dia:






4. Color:

Categoria:                                                Cuanto cada dia:



5. Color:

Categoria:                                                 Cuanto cada dia:




Practice the questions and be ready for tomorrow, we will share information about what kind of food that is healthy.