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Living Things Section 1

Living Things Section 1

Author: Kellyanne Bean

Given various tutorials, I will be able to list the characteristics all living things share, as well as list all six characteristics living things have in common by successfully completing Sophia tutorial exercises. 

In this unit you will be learning:

  • characteristics living things share
  • six life processes
  • four basic needs of living things
  • conditions of early life on Earth
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What is Life? Pages 6-14

Read over the textbook pages; while reading through the pages, also COMPLETE THE SECTION 1 VOCABULARY IN YOUR NOTES SECTION OF YOUR BINDER.


What is Life? Powerpoint Notes

Use these notes to guide you through the powerpoint presentation; if you have any questions, please come see me! :o)


What is Life? (Section 1) PPT

This powerpoint breaks down the section reading; you can use both hand in hand to help better understand the section.

Life Process Poster

For this project, you are going to create a life processes poster. Attached you will find the rubric to follow in order to gain the maximum amount of points. If you have any questions, please come see me! :o)