Living vs Nonliving

Living vs Nonliving

Author: Tamara Addis

1. Differentiate between living and nonliving things.

2. List the 7 characteristics of living things.

At the end of this tutorial, students will be able to differentiate between living and nonliving things as well as list the 7 characteristics all living things have in common. 

1. Living things are made up of cells.

2. Living things can move.

3. Living things use energy.

4. Living things grow.

5. Living things reproduce.

6. Living things respond to the environment.

7. Living things eventually die.

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Print the T-Chart for use during the video.

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Is it Alive?

Watch the video and create a T-Chart using Living and Nonliving as topics.

Source: "Is It Alive?." Teachers' Domain. 26 Sep. 2003. Web. 28 Dec. 2012. .

Living vs. Nonliving