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Location of Main Ideas

Location of Main Ideas

Author: Karen Hamilton

Upon successful completion of this tutorial, the student should be able to identify the location of the stated or implied main idea in a paragraph.

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Location of the Main Idea

This tutorial will show you that the main idea can be found anywhere in the paragraph.

Source: Townsend Press

Location of Main Ideas Practice 1

After viewing the tutorial, read this worksheet and see if you can find the main idea. When you are finished complete the quiz.


Main Idea Quiz

RCC students: If you are viewing this tutorial as part of a Learning Center workshop or for a class, please write your answers to the Main Idea Quiz below on a sheet of paper and turn in to your teacher.

1. The main idea is always the first or last sentence of the paragraph? True or false?

2. In which type of main idea is the main idea stated in the paragraph?

a) stated

b) implied

3. In which type of main idea is the main idea NOT stated in the paragraph?

a) stated

b) implied

4. Which sentence is the main idea in the practice exercise on the Location of Main Ideas tutorial?

Where to go next?

You are finished with this workshop! If you still have questions, please speak with the staff in your Learning Center about working with a tutor.