Logarithmic Scales

Logarithmic Scales

Author: Ryan Backman

This lesson will explain logarithmic scales.

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Notes on "Logarithmic Scales"


(0:00-0:17) Definition of Logarithmic Scale

(0:18-1:17) Discussion of Linear vs. Logarithmic Scales

(1:18-1:49) Introduction to Data Set

(1:50-2:47) Graphing on a Linear Scale

(2:48-4:42) Graphing on a Logarithmic Scale

(4:43-5:48) Discussion of the Logarithmic Scale

(5:49-7:11) Discussion of Moore's Law

  • Logarithmic Scale

    A scale that uses equal measurements to represent equal ratios (usually multiplying by 10) rather than equal intervals.

  • Moore's Law

    A trend in technology for the number of components on microprocessors to double every year. It was first posited by Gordon E. Moore in 1965, and has more or less continued to the present day.