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Logging into your online Fussion science text book

Logging into your online Fussion science text book

Author: Brian Esquivel

Know how to access you online book and check for assignments and due dates.

  • Can you log on to your website?
  • Can you find your class text book and navigate the pages?
  • Can you find assignment updates?
  • Can you find student resources?
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How to Open Your Online Book

  1. Go to www-k6
  2. Fill in the form by using the scroll bars
  3. Type in your username and password (school I.D. #)
  4. press the enter key
  5. Click the "science" button under "library" to select your book
  6. Type in the page number on the upper right corner and press the enter key

How to login to

After logging in:
1. Click on " to do list".
2. Find the pages you should be reading before class.
3. Write down 3 questions you have about what you read.


Texas Science Fussion Grade 7