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Logic (Mod 10) Networking

Logic (Mod 10) Networking

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Introduce networking concepts
  • Name some networking devices
  • Explore wireless networking
  • Understand the basis for IP Addresses

For the purposes of logic and troubleshooting, this tutorial gives a very basic introduction into the world of networking.  There is an entire course set up later to cover this material more in depth.  There should be enough information here to conduct some basic troubleshooting exercises involving network communication.

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Introduction to the Internet and IP Addresses

We start by talking a little about the Internet and how computer and website names are tied into IP Addresses.

Enterprise Networks

Using a Visio diagram, we examine the parts of an Enterprise network. This is just a brief introduction. Subsequent courses wil go further in depth.

Home Networks

Now, we compare our home networks with those of businesses.

Wireless Networking

Finally, we delve into the world of wireless communication.