Logic (Mod 3) Riddles

Logic (Mod 3) Riddles

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Identify the steps in solving classic logic puzzles.
  • Describe the reasoning process in problem solving.

Some additional Logic Puzzles and Riddles are exanmined.

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History of Riddles

A quick history of riddles, including what is perceived as the first riddle, the Sphinx.

Logical Riddles

We look at a particular type of logical riddles that involve groups of people who only lie, and others who only tell the truth. (This discussion can lead into logical operations like And and Or. We will discuss this in an upcomming tutorial.)

Logic Game

We have some fun. Can you tell me what's behind the green door? This game is fun to play with your family and friends. If you need more hints, ask me a question!