Logic (Mod 5) Computer Anatomy

Logic (Mod 5) Computer Anatomy

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Identify parts of a computer
  • Apply troubleshooting steps to a scenario

In this assignment, we look at the geography of a typical (for now) motherboard and examine the anatomy of a running computer.  This is a very basic overview for this Logic and Troubleshooting class.  Future classes will go much further in-depth.

Then, we look at applying the troubleshooting steps as outlined in the class.  Of particular interest to my students, I give an explanation of what is expected in written assignments.

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Motherboard Overview

Here is the general layout of what you will find on a motherboard

Inside the Computer Case

I point out the components inside the computer case, including parts of the Motherboard.

Early in the video I point out the cool blue LEDs in my case. However, in the future, cool LEDs may be a literal interpretation. Check out this Wired story:

Troubleshooting Review

In this video I explain how to apply the troubleshooting steps to the scenarios encountered by students in assignments.