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Logic (Mod2) Puzzles and Troubleshooting

Logic (Mod2) Puzzles and Troubleshooting

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Apply deduction as a problem solving technique.
  • Define the basic steps of troubleshooting techniques.

This tutorial looks at solving a couple of types of logic problems.  After that, we talk about applying this logical thinking to troubleshooting in IT Support.

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Solving a Logical Puzzle

In this video, we look at an example problem on how to solve one type of logical puzzle with deductive reasoning.

Logic Puzzle 2

This is an example of using deductive reasoning to solve another type of logical puzzle.


In this video we look at applying the deductive techniques from the logical puzzles to troubleshooting. We will look at 9 steps I recommend using until one becomes more comfortable with troubleshooting.